About the Designer

I am Bianca Bucciarelli.  I was born a preemie.  Things have been tough for me since the beginning.  I've always found myself a bit behind on all charts.  An underdog if you will. Especially in school.  Its been challenging to say the least. But, despite life's obstacles I have found one thing that makes sense.  It's the lighthouse in my storm.  It's fashion! Nothing makes me smile like putting together an outfit. The satisfaction I feel from assembling a wardrobe is like no other.  I love it all!  Sewing, coordinating, layering, and ultimately wearing clothes is my bliss!  So, with the help of my awesome parents, I've decided to start my own brand.  It's simply named, Bianca Bucciarelli.  

With any purchase made, I will be one small step closer to my dream of owning my own fashion house.  This start-up business is also guaranteed to help me with my reading and math skills.. or so my dad says.  


Either way, I hope you all look and feel your absolute best all the time!  I'm sure it will help your life make sense, just like mine.  So, lets make sense of this world together!


Bianca Bucciarelli